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Tulip Tom Pouce 15 pcs.
Triumph | 60cm | IV-V
6.5 € / 15 pcs.
Tulip Texas Flame 60 pcs.
Parrot | 65cm | V-V
17.5 € / 60 pcs.
Tulip Black Hero 10 pcs.
Double late | 60cm | V-VI
6.5 € / 10 pcs.
Tulip Pacific Pearl 100 pcs.
Fringed | 55cm | V-V
20 € / 100 pcs.
sku 744
Narcissus Pipit 10 pcs.
Jonquilla | 20cm | III-V
6.5 € / 10 pcs.
Narcissus Orangery 10 pcs.
Split-Corona | 40cm | IV-V
6.5 € / 10 pcs.
Lilium Friso 3 pcs.
OT-hybrid | 120cm | VII-VIII
6.5 € / 3 pcs.

Proplants Online Store. Seedlings, Seeds, Flowering Bulbs, and Plants for Sale.

You need to invest a lot of time, effort, and love to make your garden beautiful. However, the most important factor is garden plants. Proplants online store offers thousands of annuals and perennial, fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs!

How would you like to see your garden? Beautiful, of course. What creates the beauty of the garden? Surely, plants - lilies, tulips, daffodils, peonies, and other plants stunning in their beauty. Do not forget about the queen of plants, the rose. Our catalogue lists only the best varieties: exquisite shrubs, fragrant floribundas, and charming hybrid teas. In our online shop, you can buy a large selection of plants, seeds, and bulbs in a variety of colours at an affordable price!

However, the garden is not just flower beds; it should also contain decorative deciduous or coniferous shrubs. Barberry, magnolia, hibiscus, and lilac will make the garden, even a small one, look particularly charming. The beauty and benefits of fruit trees and shrubs can be discussed for hours. Apple trees, cherry trees, pears and plum trees covered with marvelous flowers in the spring look splendid. In the summer, autumn, and winter we enjoy their tasty and healthy fruits.

A distinctive feature of our online store is continuous development. We are expanding our plant selection, we offer modern garden tools and decorations, we share interesting and useful information through printed materials and online content, and we promptly answer all your questions!

Purchasing with us, you get high-quality planting material!

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