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Dispatch and delivery

We endeavour to deliver your goods to you as fast as possible. For this reason, we use DPD who ship daily from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

All goods are subject to availability and will be dispatched in date order. The live products you order will be delivered to your home at a suitable time for planting in order to ensure optimum quality. If you would like your products delivered at a different time, you can indicate your preference per email after you place your order. We will take your wishes into account, nature permitting.

Transport costs are calculated once per order. This is a fixed amount, regardless of the size of the order. For the current rates, see table below. Any split orders upon request will be handled at the customer's expense.

Between November and January you can order spring flowering and pre-order summer flowering bulbs. Please note that you can't combine bulbs from both seasons in one order. Spring flowering bulbs are delivered until the end of January , summer flowering bulbs are delivered from March to May.


You can shop at BULBi's throughout the entire year and ordering is very easy! In our webshop we offer two categories of flower bulbs which have different flowering times:

Spring flowering bulbs: are planted before winter sets in and flower in spring. Delivery as of September till winter (depending on the temperature).

Summer flowering bulbs: are planted in spring and flower in summer. Delivery as of end February through May.

As the spring and summer flowering bulbs have different flowering and delivery times, it is not possible to combine these in one order. Please order them separately and have them delivered at the right moment.

We always send you a confirmation of your order and payment method by e-mail.

Minimum order amount

BULBi has a minimum order amount of € 35,- excluding shipping costs. If your order is smaller than the minimum amount of € 35,- delivery is not possible unfortunately.


Our flower bulbs are packed with the utmost care and will be delivered to your home by DPD Parcel Services. Prior to delivery DPD will send you an e-mail with the track and trace code of your parcel.

Destinations and shipping costs

We deliver to a number of countries in mainland Europe. Please see the table below for available countries.

  Country   Shipping cost 
Austria € 11,00
Belgium € 6,00
Bulgaria € 22,50
Czechia € 13,50
Croatia € 18,50
Denmark € 11,00
Estonia € 15,00
Finland € 17,50
France € 9,95
Germany € 6,00
Greece € 30,00
Hungary € 13,50
Ireland € 17,50
Italy € 17,50
Latvia € 26,00
Lithuania € 17,50
Luxembourg  € 7,50
Netherlands  € 5,50
Poland € 13,50
Portugal € 17,50
Rumania € 18,50
Slovakia € 17,50
Slovenia € 15,00
Spain € 15,00
Sweden € 17,50
Switzerland  € 61,00
United Kingdom   € 8,50


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